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Долгожданное прибавление в семействе Nightwish!!!

I am the journey, I am the destination...
Dear blog readers and Nightwish fans:

It is for me so wonderful to tell you that yesterday, July 30th at 16.28, mine and Johans son was born;=)

He was 52 cm tall and his weight was 3930 gram.

We have tried to get him out the natural way since tuesday and used different methods, but like with my first son, I didn´t get enough strong contractions so it was decided to finally get him out through a c-section.

We all are just fine but still in the hospital where we are resting and just being so happy to have this beautiful and precious boy with us. Life is so wonderful and I am so, so happy and just floating with joy;=)

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October and April. The Rasmus feat Anette Olzon

I am the journey, I am the destination...

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Walking in the air live in Hartwall Areena 19.09.09

I am the journey, I am the destination...
Версия Анетт..

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I am the journey, I am the destination...

Открывают концерт Pain

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Новые старые песни!

I am the journey, I am the destination...
Как все знают, вчера у Nightwish был концерт в Лондоне.
Фотографии можно скачать здесь: www.sendspace.com/file/rxbvwj
внимание! Новые декорации ^_^
(к примеру, Туо... в лодке о_О)

Но не это главное! А?
Трек-лист выступления!

7 days to the wolves
dead to the world
the siren
dead boys poem/walking in the air

the islander
the poet and the pendulum
dark chest of wonders

ghost love score
wish i had an angel

чуть позже будут видео... когда их выложат на ютьюб... надеюсь, кто-нить это записывал...

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МЫ ДОЖДАЛИСЬ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am the journey, I am the destination...


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MeNaiset 15.1.2009, перевод интервью

I am the journey, I am the destination...
Перевод интервью в сообществе на ли.ру, за перевод спасибо Swanheart69
по ссылке

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I am the journey, I am the destination...
Nightwish: Dark Passion Gallery

Size: 210 x 280 cm (8.3 x 11 inches)
Hardcover, 200 pages, illustrated, color
In English
Photography by Ville Akseli Juurikkala
Captions by Nightwish members
Foreword by Tuomas Holopainen
Release: 10/2008

Autumn 2007: after almost a two-year hiatus, the new singer of Nightwish has been chosen, the new album is ready, and a new world tour looms ahead. The pressure is immense, but Anette Olzon fulfills the expectations as the new front woman, charming the sold-out arenas around the world, and lifting the band to a class completely of its own in the history of Finnish Hard Rock.

Nightwish: Dark Passion Gallery is a photojournal by the renowned Rock photographer Ville Akseli Juurikkala (HIM, Apocalyptica, The 69 Eyes); a story of the first world tour by Finland's biggest rock band with their new singer, told in breathtaking pictures.
Juurikkala followed the band for almost a year, ever since the first gig until last summer. While the focus is on Europe, there's also plenty of scenes from around the world, from Asia to the Americas. The emphasis is naturally on the band members and their lives, both on-stage and backstage, but the reader also gets to follow the long days of the 50-strong crew.

While on tour, Juurikkala shared his life with the band members, traveling on the same bus, sleeping in the same hotels (sometimes in the same room), and hanging out in the same backstage rooms. He witnessed the daily life of the band at close range, and now you have the chance to experience it, too, through the glorious pictures in this beautiful book.

заказать можно тут

и три фото
читать дальше

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The Islander - Official video

I am the journey, I am the destination...
Не ждали?:)))
А новое видео уже появилось)))


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из тура...

I am the journey, I am the destination...
А между тем, группа свои обещания сдерживает

While Your Lips Are Still Red- Zenith Paris 2008

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Heart full of fire

I am the journey, I am the destination...
Для тех, кому интересно, текст Heart full of fire (напомню, в записи этой песни учавствовал не только Эмппу, на правах участника группы, но и новая вокалистка Найтвиш - Анетте Ользон),
можно почитать тут

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как только фэны не изгаляются=))))

I am the journey, I am the destination...